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Gavin EX Blue canal file system is considered a crucial tool in dental practice. It also offers various advantages during root canal treatment. This particular system assists dentists in preventing the risks of root canal steps, angulation, and canal wall perforation, focusing solely on the guiding function, without providing cutting and safety functions.


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Gavin EX Blue Product Features;


EX Blue Canal File System;

Gavin EX Blue canal file system is widely recognized as a crucial tool in dental practice, offering various advantages during root canal treatment. This specific system aids dentists in preventing risks related to root canal steps, inclination, and perforation of root canal walls, focusing on safety and cutting functions. Instead, it concentrates solely on the guiding function.

Gavin EX Blue’s edgeless rounded safety guide point provides precise guidance to dentists during root canal treatment. This ensures that procedures are carried out more safely and in a more controlled manner. It also helps maintain proper control over root canal steps and inclination.

The system gradually extends from the tip of the file, providing dentists with greater sensitivity and accuracy during root canal treatment. It facilitates better movement along the shape and structure of the root canal, contributing to a more effective treatment process.

This root canal file system stands out with its convex triangular cross-section. This design ensures high cutting efficiency, effectively removing materials from the root canal. Additionally, the tip design is gentle to avoid damaging the root canal wall, ensuring the preservation of tooth tissue during treatment and reducing the risk of complications after the procedure.

The system also features a diversified groove and spiral design;

This reduces the risk of embedding into the root canal wall during rotation. This contributes to performing treatment in a more controlled manner and preventing potential errors. These features provide dentists with the opportunity to carry out root canal treatments effectively and safely.
In conclusion, the Gavin EX Blue canal file system offers significant advantages to dentists during root canal treatments. The absence of cutting function provides a safer working experience. The system proves itself with its guiding function and special design. Gavin EX Blue is a crucial tool in modern dental practices, enhancing the success of root canal treatments.

GAVIN EX BLUE File System;

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  • 25/08 – F2
  • 30/09 – F3

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Gavin EX Blue

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