High And Low Speed Endomotor

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Endomotor types are specialized devices developed specifically for root canal shaping procedures, and the use of these motors allows for the fast and effective completion of root canal treatments. With the adjustable speed and torque options of endomotors, they can be used in various dental procedures. These devices provide dentists with the opportunity to perform procedures more precisely and efficiently.


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High And Low Speed Endomotor Product Features;

Endomotor models are specialized devices that have become a crucial part of modern dental practice. These excellent tools, especially designed for endodontic treatments, enable dentists to perform root canal treatments quickly, precisely, and effectively. Root canal treatment plays a critical role in the salvage of decayed or infected teeth. And endomotors make this recovery process easier and more efficient.

One fundamental advantage of these specialized devices is their adjustable speed and torque options. This provides dentists with precise control during procedures. For example, endomotors rotate at a specific speed during the operation to shape the tooth tissue. These precise settings allow dentists to personalize procedures. And they provide treatments tailored to each patient’s needs.

However, the use of endomotors is not limited to root canal treatments. These devices also offer dentists flexibility in a variety of dental procedures. For instance, endomotors are valuable tools in procedures such as correcting tooth surfaces, canal shaping, and implant preparation. This versatility allows dentists to diversify their clinical practices and enhance patient satisfaction.

In conclusion, endomotors provide dentists with the opportunity to perform procedures more precisely and efficiently. They not only increase patient comfort but also shorten treatment times and enhance the likelihood of successful outcomes. It is safe to say that endomotor models are highly specialized tools in modern dental practice. As a result, these devices are an excellent option for elevating dentists’ skills and treatment standards.

    • Practical Use
    • HD OLED Display
    • 5 different operating modes
    • 9 different memory models
    • Detachable head structure
    • Two different variable head structures: Pull push and Press Button
    • Speed Ratio 16:1
    • Compatible with 16:1 head structure
    • Working with handpiece feature
    • Compatibility with all global standard files
    • Fiber optic illumination
  • LED illuminated
  • 4500 Lux illumination power
High And Low Speed Endomotor

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