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Gavin SP 3 Aregnt système de fichiers canalaires est un outil crucial pour les dentistes pendant traitements canalaires, fournissant une feuille de route précise et efficace.

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  • Et également un outil important qui fournit une feuille de route efficace.

Ce système est utilisé dans les processus de nettoyage, de mise en forme et de stérilisation des canaux radiculaires.

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SP 3 Argent;

Gavin SP 3 Argent root canal file system is a crucial tool for dentists during root canal treatments, providing a precise and effective roadmap. This system is utilized in the processes of cleaning, shaping, and sterilizing root canals.

Here are step-by-step explanations of using Gavin SP 3 Argent root canal file:

  1. In the first step, use #10 stainless steel K-files with a pre-curved hand file to explore and create a path to the lower and middle canals. This initial stage helps the dentist determine the direction of the canal.
  2. Use #19/07 file to remove dentin protrusions in the upper part of the canal, ensuring a straight-line access. This step is about shaping and preparing the upper part of the canal.
  3. Use #10 stainless steel K-files to recapitulate from 1/3 apical to apical stop, accurately measuring the length of the canal. This is part of determining and shaping the full length of the canal.
  4. Use #15 stainless steel K-file to repeatedly clean residues in the canal, clearing the inner surfaces and removing materials.
  5. Use #15/03 file for smooth access to the working length. This continues the shaping process, reaching deeper into the canal.
  6. While irrigating with sodium hypochlorite, use #10 stainless steel K-files to clean residues in the canal. Irrigation helps both in cleaning and sterilizing the canal.
  7. For irrigating the canal and preparing the working length, use #20/04, #25/04, #25/06, #35/04 files sequentially. This step further shapes and sterilizes the canal.
  8. Finally, use #10 stainless steel K-files to check the preparation of the apical area and to measure the working length again for accuracy in filling. This step includes both checking treatment outcomes and preparing for the filling process.

Gavin SP 3 Argent root canal file;

In conclusion, it guides dentists through all these steps effectively and can involve advanced techniques such as ultrasonic cleaning of the canal. This system assists in the successful completion of root canal treatments, providing dentists with better results.

Gavin SP 3 Argent

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