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Supply Processes in Pharmacy; Supplying medications and medical supplies sold in pharmacies is an essential matter. Supply ensures that pharmacies can quickly and effectively procure the medications and materials they need. Therefore, it is beneficial to emphasize two critical factors



Storage space can come in various sizes and shapes. But it should generally be kept in a cool, dry, and well-lit environment. Proper storage of medications is essential to extend their shelf life and maintain their effectiveness. Therefore, it is

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The pharmacy sector is an industry that engages in export and import between countries. Pharmaceutical exports contribute to the country’s healthcare sector and also provide economic contributions. Countries engaged in pharmaceutical exports include particularly European, Asian, and American nations. Logistics

There is always a way to achieve better quality service and faster delivery for health.

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OTC Products

Atac Pharma, which offers high quality and reliable OTC products to its customers with full compliance with legal regulations, cooperates with the best-known brands at national and international levels.


Who We Are

Atac Pharma is a company that has established its position in the pharmaceutical industry with its renewed face and has a professional and dynamic team of 25 people with expertise in the sector. It exports to over 50 countries and with its global supplier network, the company is able to provide high-quality products at an optimum cost without compromising on international standards.

Featured Services

Atac Pharma provides fast supply of drugs that are difficult to access, such as oncology and orphan drugs, used in the treatment of life-threatening illnesses. In addition to these, the company also provides nutritional supplements, vitamins, skincare and dental products. They offer services including supply, storage, and export, as well as clinical research product supply and humanitarian aid activities.

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