Our Vision

Our Vision

As ATAC Pharma, our vision is to constantly seek solutions to not only provide high quality but also effective and fast delivery in the field of healthcare services. We aim to increase access to better healthcare services and treatments for patients.In this direction;

  • Drug development,
  • Clinical research,
  • And health technologies

We aim to contribute to the prevention and treatment of diseases by offering innovative solutions.

Considering the complexity of the healthcare sector and rapidly changing dynamics, the importance of providing fast and high-quality service is evident.

ATAC Pharma focuses on a wide range of projects,

  • From developing new drugs to improving existing treatments,
  • Working to improve the quality of life of patients and provide more effective tools to healthcare professionals.

By combining medical knowledge and technology, we aim to contribute to making healthcare services more accessible and effective in the future. ATAC Pharma will also continuously seek new ways. And additionally, solutions as part of this evolution in the healthcare field.

Our vision in the treatment of life-threatening diseases:

  • We aim to be pioneers in the supply of hard-to-reach drugs, such as those used in Oncology and orphan drugs.


In addition to supply, storage, and export services,

  • We also aim to be a leader in clinical research product supply,
  • And also in humanitarian aid activities.

Our vision through our global supplier network:

  • We aim to supply high-quality products without compromising on international standards.
  • At the optimum cost.


Our Mission

As ATAC Pharma, to save and improve human lives;

  • We are working to supply hard-to-reach drugs quickly and reliably in Turkey and worldwide.
  • We play a pioneering role in meeting special supply needs such as;
    1. drugs used in the treatment of rare diseases,
    2. oncology,
    3. and orphan drugs.
  • In addition,
    1. We supply quickly and reliably in product groups such as dietary supplements, vitamins, medical dental, and dermocosmetic products.
  • To save and improve human lives, we offer our products and services at the highest quality standards.


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