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Atac Pharma Imp. Exp. and Trade Ltd. Co. (“Company”) is committed to ensuring the privacy of the information shared by individuals visiting the website. Therefore, this “Privacy Policy” has been created;

  • To inform you about what information is processed,
  • How it is processed,
  • With whom it is shared in accordance with the law and your consent,
  • And how it is protected by the Company.

In addition, this Privacy Policy outlines how you can verify the accuracy of this information and how you can request its deletion by contacting the Company through the website. All services provided to individuals by the Company through any channel will be referred to as “Service.”

Data Controller

Personal data refers to any information that identifies or can be used to identify a specific individual, such as;

  • Name,
  • Surname,
  • Date of birth
  • Or phone number.

Your personal data is processed by Adana Trade Registry Office, registered with the registration number 0093056392100001, and the company headquarters at Gürselpaşa Mah. Şehit Polis Şahin Polat Aydın Cad. No:47/A Seyhan – Adana TURKEY, under the data controller status, by Atac Pharma Imp. Exp. and Trade Ltd. Co. (Company) in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 (KVKK), as well as other relevant legislation regulations and decisions/announcements of the competent authority and within the framework of this Privacy Policy.

The Company respects your concerns regarding the protection of your privacy and personal data. In this context, the Company processes your personal data in accordance with all legal provisions related to the protection of personal data, especially KVKK, ensures the secure storage of your data. And takes all necessary security measures against potential unlawful access.

This Privacy Policy text contains information about which personal data categories of yours are collected. And collected by which channels, for which processes and purposes they are processed, to which recipient groups your personal data may be transferred, your rights related to the protection of personal data, and other disclosures that the Company is required to inform you about as the data controller within the scope of the obligation to inform.

Scope of the Privacy Policy and Collected Data

Information that will be used and processed for a specific individual will only be possible if that person enters data of their own accord or gives explicit consent for this purpose. When the website is visited, some information is stored on the website servers.

This data is generally as follows:

– Name

– Surname

– Address

– Postal code

– Email

– Phone/Fax number

– Insurance number

– Gender

– Date of birth

Based on this data, certain conclusions can be drawn about the site user. However, these personal data can only be used anonymously. If this data is transferred to an external service provider, the necessary procedures for data security are carried out within the framework of existing legal regulations.

The Company commits to using this information within the limits specified by law. Or the user’s declaration of consent when this personal information is provided willingly by the individual. The purposes of using personal data and cookies are listed below:

– Customizing user experiences

– Access to websites

– Managing and keeping records of the website

As part of the service provided, the Company may obtain and transfer information about individuals within the scope of this Privacy Policy. Such information transfers are made in accordance with the terms set by third parties and the existing contracts with third parties and current legal regulations. This Privacy Policy does not reflect the privacy practices of third parties to which information is transferred. And the Company is not responsible for their privacy policies or practices. This Privacy Policy does not cover,

  • Information collected by applications outside the Company’s control,
  • Information collected by third-party websites and platforms,
  • Or titles,
  • Campaigns and other advertisements
  • Or promotions on third-party websites that the Company sponsors or participates in.

The activities related to;

  • personal data collected,
  • stored,
  • and used through third-party websites

are not the responsibility of the Company.

Children’s Privacy

We do not knowingly collect data from children under 18 on our website. If you are under 18, please do not share any of your personal information by using the services. In this regard, parents or guardians of children are expected to educate their children not to share their personal data in the application of this Privacy Policy.

Use of Cookies

It is possible for the Company to obtain some of the mentioned personal data through a technical communication file (Cookie). These technical communication files sent by a website to the user’s browser are small text files stored in the main memory. The technical communication file facilitates the use of the Internet by storing information and preferences about the website. Technical communication files are designed to collect statistical information about how many people use a website, the purpose for which a person visits the website, how many times they visit, and how long they stay. It helps in dynamically producing advertisements and content from user pages specially designed for users. Technical communication files are not designed to receive data. Or any personal information from e-mails or other data.

Most browsers are designed to accept the technical communication file at the beginning. But users can change their settings to prevent the technical communication file from coming or to give a warning when the technical communication file is sent. Any malfunction resulting from this setting change should not be attributed to us.

The cookies used on the website are as follows:

– Keywords used to find the website

– IP address and/or location

– Operating system of the accessing computer

Data Required for Online Shopping

The Company prioritizes the security of your product or service purchases made on the website. Therefore, the use of credit card information is necessary only during the order process. The Company does not keep this information recorded in the database.

Links to Other Websites

The Company’s website may contain links/links that lead to websites owned by third parties. And this Privacy Policy does not apply to these websites. The Company does not accept any responsibility for these websites.

Social Media

The Company provides embedded links to some social media networks for sharing the services and products produced on the website. These linked services work only with approval. Data sharing with these social media networks is subject to their privacy policies announced on their websites. It is important to review these privacy policies as well.

Information Update and Changes

The Company has the right to change the content of this Privacy Policy at any time in order to keep the privacy data protection principles up to date and compliant with the relevant legislation. The revised Privacy Policy will be announced on the Company’s website. If you continue to use the Company’s services or applications after the Privacy Policy has been changed, it is assumed that you accept these changes. The provisions of the Privacy Policy that the Company has changed become effective on the date they are published on the website.

Data Retention Period

Data shared,

  • Directly during registration
  • Or product or service purchases

are kept for the duration of membership or sales transactions. Datas that shared to subscribe to newsletters to stay informed about promotions are kept as long as the subscription continues.

How Personal Data Can Be Processed

In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 (KVKK), personal data shared with Atac Pharma Imp. Exp. and Trade Ltd. Co. can be processed entirely or partially, automatically or as part of any data recording system;

  • By obtaining non-automated means,
  • By recording,
  • By storing,
  • By modifying,
  • By reorganizing,
  • In short,
  • By processing in any way.

Any operation performed on data is considered as “processing of personal data” under KVKK.

Information About Third Parties or Organizations to Which Personal Data May Be Transferred

The individuals and organizations to whom personal data shared with Atac Pharma Imp. Exp. and Trade Ltd. Co. can be transferred are:

  1. Major shareholders
  2. Shareholders
  3. Advertisers
  4. Our direct or indirect domestic/international affiliates

Including companies that use the infrastructure of Atac Pharma Imp. Exp. and Trade Ltd. Co. and organizations and individuals related to the service offered, or as the Data Processor;

  1. Service providers
  2. Business partners
  3. Program partner organizations
  4. Domestic/international organizations
  5. And other third parties and organizations.

Data will exceptionally be shared with official institutions within the framework of legal obligations. Especially in response to mandatory requests from courts when the protection of interests, rights, and freedoms that must be protected in data processing is not demonstrated or when this processing serves the purpose of claiming legal rights, using or defending these rights.

Our arrangements for cookies used for advertising purposes are stated in the “Atac Pharma Imp. Exp. and Trade Ltd. Co. Cookie Policy,” which is currently part of the “Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy” you are reading. For more information about our Cookie Policy, please click here.

Personal Data Obtained Before the Implementation of KVKK

There is no personal data stored on the Atac Pharma Imp. Exp. and Trade Ltd. Co. website before the effective date of KVKK, which is April 7, 2016.

Data Subject’s Rights

The data subject has the right to use the right to access to their data at any time. In addition, if the relevant conditions are met, the rights regulated in Article 11 of the KVKK and the following rights are possible to be used.

  • Right of rectification,
  • Right to erasure,
  • Right to restrict processing,
  • Right to lodge a complaint with the authorized data protection authority,
  • Right to data portability.

When it comes to activities related to the processing of personal data in which the Company has a legitimate interest, data subjects have the right to object to the processing of their personal data based on specific circumstances that arise due to the particular situation. If the Company cannot demonstrate a compelling legitimate ground for the processing which overrides

  • the interests,
  • rights,
  • and freedoms of the data subject,

or if the processing serves the purpose of

  • asserting,
  • exercising,
  • or defending legal claims,
  • the Company will cease to process such data.

If consent has been given for the processing of personal data, it is possible to withdraw that consent.

In accordance with the law, any requests, complaints, and suggestions regarding your personal data can be submitted with the following documents:

  • Documents verifying your identity,
  • Your request in writing.

You can send these to the following address or by using secure electronic signature. You can send them to the Company’s registered email address at

Address: Gürselpaşa Mah. Şehit Polis Şahin Polat Aydın Cad. No:47/A Seyhan – Adana Türkiye

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