Quality Policy

ATAC PHARMA’s quality policy is composed of the following essential elements. Aiming to ensure the continuity of our leading position among Turkey’s top organizations in our sector within the framework of the quality policy:

  • Producing high-quality services that meet our customers’ demands. And expectations with our;
    1. extensive supply and export experience,
    2. current network infrastructure,
    3. high knowledge base,
    4. experienced and qualified workforce.
  • Maintaining customer satisfaction by providing pre and post-sales technical support.
  • Fully implementing the requirements of quality management systems that make us a pioneering organization in all of our business areas. And ensuring their continuous improvement.
  • Ensuring the compliance and continuity of our products with
    1. customer demands,
    2. national
    3. and international standards,
    4. and legal regulations.
  • Placing a strong emphasis on the occupational health and safety of our employees. Supporting their professional and social development, fostering a culture of quality awareness. And keeping their motivation at the highest levels are our commitments as we strive to achieve quality production.

ATAC Pharma’s quality policy

extends beyond providing high-quality products and emphasizes environmental and social responsibility. Within this policy, our company embraces several key principles that are central to our operations.
First and foremost, the preservation of the environment and natural resources is a priority for ATAC Pharma. We work to optimize;

  • our product development,
  • production,
  • and distribution processes

in ways that minimize environmental impact. We also encourage sustainable practices and continually strive to reach environmental sustainability goals. Additionally, we meticulously oversee the quality and safety of our products as part of our commitment to ensuring the sustainability of our business success, meeting both the current needs of our customers and those of future generations through continuous improvement.

Our quality control and quality assurance processes ensure that:

  • Each product fully complies with standards and regulations.

Furthermore, ATAC Pharma is committed to viewing its employees as an integral part of the company’s shared and core goals. We encourage the participation and contributions of our employees, recognizing them as not only the backbone of our company but also the driving force behind our achievements. This fosters collaboration and teamwork within the company.

Lastly, our commitment to improving brand awareness aims to deliver more value to our customers and stakeholders.

We prioritize;

  • customer satisfaction,
  • continuously enhance our product portfolio,
  • and improve our marketing and communication strategies.

ATAC Pharma continues to contribute to a better future, both for our company and society, by ethically conducting business in line with the quality policy.


ATAC PHARMA GDP quality policy


ATAC PHARMA ISO 9001 quality policy


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