About Us

About us as Atac Pharma;

Established in 2020, it is a pharmaceutical supply company that plays a significant role on the international stage.

Atac Pharma;

  • Specializes in providing access to medical drugs,
  • Drugs used in the treatment of rare diseases,
  • Nutritional supplements,
  • Vitamins,
  • And dermatocosmetic products.

Thanks to this expertise, Atac Pharma offers a wide range of products for both the healthcare sector. And also offers products personal care needs.

Atac Pharma’s main focus is to ensure the supply of drugs used in the treatment of rare diseases. Extensive experience and expertise in this field set the company apart in establishing one of the largest supply chains in Turkey. The treatment of rare diseases often requires customized drugs for a limited number of patients. Atac Pharma ensures the supply of these drugs in the fastest and most reliable way.

In addition, the supply of essential drugs, such as oncology drugs, is included in Atac Pharma’s expertise. Oncology drugs are critical for the treatment of cancer patients. And the company plays a vital role in delivering these drugs to patients.

Nutritional supplements and vitamins are also among the products supplied by Atac Pharma.

These products are important for;

  • supporting healthy lifestyles,
  • addressing nutritional deficiencies,
  • and overall health and well-being.

By offering these products to healthcare professionals and consumers, Atac Pharma contributes to improving health.

Atac Pharma’s range of services goes beyond supply. The company also provides services such as storage, export, and the supply of clinical research products. It also places importance on humanitarian aid activities and operates effectively in this field.

Atac Pharma has a young and dynamic team with professional competence. Operating in line with international standards, this team is committed to sourcing high-quality products at optimal costs. Atac Pharma exports to more than 50 countries. Thus contributing to the global supply network in the healthcare sector. This enables the company to contribute to the development of the global healthcare sector.

As a result, Atac Pharma is recognized as a significant player in the healthcare sector. It specializes in the supply of healthcare-related products such as;

  • drugs,
  • nutritional supplements,
  • vitamins,
  • and dermocosmetic products.

The company stands out with its commitment to providing;

  • reliable
  • and fast services

to its customers. It also continues to grow by closely monitoring developments in the healthcare sector.

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