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Absorbent paper points, commonly used in dentistry and endodontic (root canal treatment) applications, are important tools. These are special paper materials used by dentists to dry and sterilize root canals.Absorbent paper points are thin, cylindrical pieces of paper. They are usually packaged in a sterile manner. Dentists use these paper points during root canal treatment to dry and sterilize the inside of the root canals. During the procedure, they absorb liquids and materials remaining inside the root canal, ensuring the canal is dried. This drying process helps remove microorganisms during root canal treatment and reduces the risk of infection.

These products enable dentists to perform root canal treatment effectively. Firstly, excess liquid and medications inside the root canal are cleaned using these paper points. Then, the drying process ensures the inner surfaces of the canal are sterilized. It also facilitates the elimination of microorganisms inside the canal.

These paper points are available in different sizes and thicknesses, allowing dentists to choose those suitable for different root canal structures. Additionally, their sterile packaging allows hygienic use, minimizing the risk of infection.

In conclusion, absorbent paper points play a crucial role as a fundamental tool during root canal treatment. These paper points are indispensable for drying and sterilizing root canals, contributing significantly to dentists’ duty of protecting their patients’ health.

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